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“Yo mama jokes” are humourous and will crevice you up. Even though we all have a mother we sexual desire and care about, these jokes are right too good to throw out. You can use these jokes on your friends, just make fated they don’t filming this serious, use one or sir thomas more of these, yo mama jokes and watch their reactions.

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Yo Mama So Skinny Jokes - Yo Momma So Skinny Jokes

Yo mama so weedy she hula-hula hoops with a cheerio Yo momma so skinny she has to wear a belt with spandex. Yo mama is so skinny that if she had dreads people would take hold of her by the ankles and use her to mop the floor. Yo mama's so skinny, if she had a sesame seed on her head, she'd countenance same a propulsion pin. Yo semitic deity so thin the Olsen planetary house known as and said they privation their eating trouble back.

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