MIRACLE Advanced technology ECU is a new generation controller made by APOLO LLC company from USA. This software has manual and permanent communication (Auto correcting System) and constantly monitors short and long term corrections of OBD controller.

MIRACLE easily communicate with Petrol ECU, can read all enabled parameters and make corrections.
The technology applied in the MIRACLE software by APOLO LLC company assures the very precise fuel dosage and provide optimal fuel mixture injected into the engine.

The software do not make fuel mixture according to petrol injection time only; it makes permanent corrections during various drive conditions according: reducer temperature, gas temperature and differential pressure.

APOLO software support new generation engines with low RPM signal and provide better reading of them. Engines with extra injection times are supported. The software is compatible with most types of injectors and reducers.

MIRACLE make autoadaptation in real time under all conditions of vehicle usage, and guarantee the same driving performance on LPG and CNG like it is running on petrol.

MIRACLE is created as advance Plug and Drive technology, support EURO 5 emission norms and it is simple to install and programing.

MIRACLE controller is joined into the Apolo mini set which includes well known, high quality and compatible LPG/CNG equipment.

MIRACLE Software


Wiring diagram