CLEVER X 3 series ECU

APOLO CLEVER Controller with APOLO CLEVER Gas Setting software provides the most advanced properties at the LPG systems market today, which resulting the best performances of engine driving on LPG.

Revolutionary, advanced auto calibration (auto adaptation) system which provides constant correction (adaptation) during driving!

Unique on the market!

Just click on CLEVER algorithm, start your engine, put in a first gear, drive normaly and enjoy!

APOLO CLEVER Gas Setting software will make auto adaptation of LPG system and your vehicle will reach the best possible performance driving on LPG!

The simplest possible software for using even you are absolute beginner in LPG/CNG business.

CLEVER X 3 series ECU is the new type of microprocessor driver with a traditional 56-pin header.
It operates on 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines. Drivers can be joined and can operate up to 16 cylinder engines.
The processor is confined in a compact 190 x 30 x 125 aluminum case.

CLEVER X 3.04 has all the mentioned features and safety protections, ensuring outstanding quality and performance.
Automatic calibration and adaptation can be done in less than 15 minutes and it takes just a few clicks to have the system fully operational.

Software Driver will take care of the rest with its constant adaptation system, checking and correcting injection times if necessary.

CLEVER X 3.04, 3.16, and 3.18, versions are the next innovations in our offer.

More efficient processor enables more advanced features like measuring ECU’s temperature, frame freezing and faster oscilloscope and it will allow us to add more in the future.

Plus the injection times are even more precise than in standard version.

CLEVER - X 3.04



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CLEVER - X 3.18

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