Automotive additives

Valve protection set

Valve protection set

This set is designed for precise dosage of protection fluid for valves. Easy to setup and simply for use. 

Package contain bottle with dosage system and adjusting srew,
plastic hose and montage screws.





Valve Protection


Valve Protection Fluid 
for Gas Vehicles is emptied into the reservoir tank of the metering device. Metering takes place automatically. 

The valves in your engine are protected; the upper cylinder region remains cool, clean and lubricated. 

This optimizes engine output and improves combustion, while protecting your engine during extreme loads.

The product can be used in all vehicles powered by LPG, CNG or gasoline, including forklift trucks as well as agricultural and industrial engines.

Valve Protection for Gas Vehicles protects your engine throughout the entire year, preventing expensive repairs caused by overheating and/or insufhcient lubrication.

Suitable for all commercially available metering units. APOLO LLC recommends a metering of 6 to 8 drops per minute for vacuum-controlled metering devices.

Diesel Anti-freeze


Diesel Anti-freeze

  1. keeps the paraffin crystals small and filterable
  2. improves the operability of all diesel fuels under cold conditions 
  3. for safe winter driving Diesel fuel contains paraffins
  4. for clean combustion and lubrication.

However, crystals develop during intense cooling, which combine to form even larger "chunks" as the temperature decreases further.

This can clog up lines and filters. 

Diesel Anti-freeze contains agents that surround the paraffin crystals, thus preventing further growth and aggregation with other crystals.

The active ingredients form seed crystals resulting in more, but very small and therefore harmless, filterable paraffin crystals.

Diesel Anti-freeze is designed for regular use in the autumn and winter (to be added before the cold snap, to each tank of fuel) and is suitable for all diesel engines (also for those with a particle filter).

Diesel Winter POWER
Additive 1:500


Diesel Winter POWER 1:500
The highly concentrated diesel additive with multifunctional active components and winter power.

  1. Cetane booster: eases the cold start, increases engine performance
  2. improves the cold start reliability of the engine during winter operation
  3. purges the fuel system and keeps the injectors clean
  4. protects against corrosion in fuel tanks, fuel lines and inside the motor
  5. results in a clean combustion and reduces emissions such as soot, carbon, etc.
  6. protects the environment

Fluctuating fuel qualities can affect performance and consumption, and carbon deposits on the fuel injectors can increase fuel consumption. In addition, diesel fuel contains paraffins that lead to crystal formation during cooling. Pipes and filters can become clogged where there is insufficient protection against cold conditions.
Diesel Winter POWER 1:500 improves the ignition, purges and keeps clean fuel injectors, ensures that the formation of larger wax crystals is prevented through the Cetane booster, thus increasing the operational reliability of diesel vehicles in winter. Diesel Winter POWER 1:500 additionally contains a high performance package for the reduction of aging and oxidation.

Diesel Winter POWER 1:500 is designed for regular use and is especially recommended for use during the autumn and winter months.

Diesel PLUS 1:1000


Diesel PLUS 1:1000

The highly concentrated additive with diesel multifunctional active components (including biocide).

Fluctuating fuel qualities can affect performance and consumption, and carbon deposits on the fuel injectors can increase fuel consumption. In addition, microorganisms live in diesel fuel, which can multiply extremely. The consequence of this microbial growth are sludge formation (results in filter clogging) and corrosion. 
Diesel plus improves ignition performance by increasing the cetane number, purges and keeps clean the fuel injectors, ensures that bacteria and fungi in the fuel are killed and prevents their settlement and growth. In addition, diesel plus includes a performance package for the reduction of aging and oxidation.

Diesel plus 1:1000 is designed for regular use and suited for mineral and bio-diesel fuels. Relieves the diesel particle filter.

(for petrol engines)


System cleaner for petrol engines

The highly concentrated cleaning additive.

  1. reliably removes debris, especially on the intake valves as well as in the fuel and the injection system.
  2. optimizes operational safety and fuel consumption
  3. protects against corrosion.
  4. re-enables the full engine performance and ensures environmentally friendly and low-pollution combustion.

Deposits on the valves and on the surface of the nozzle needle reduce the flow of fuel and deteriorate the injection process. These mixture deposits lead to higher emissions of pollutants, increased consumption and irregular running of the engine. The mixture formation is disturbed, and the operating performance of the engine deteriorates.
The highly concentrated system cleaner for petrol engines eliminates deposits on the valves, from the fuel system and from the injectors.

System cleaner for petrol engines is designed for a single use application and suited for all normal and super petrols.




Small remedy against major repairs

  1. seals critical hairline cracks quickly and securely
  2. absolutely deposit-free: reacts only where it is washed into leaks and hairline cracks and comes into contact with the outside air
  3. saves costly repairs

The effect
Leaks and hairline cracks lead to water losses and affect the cooling and heating performance. Stop RADIATOR LEAK reliably seals leaks and cracks without causing deposits, and bonds in the radiator and lines.

The application
Stop RADIATOR LEAK is designed for a single application, suitable for all water coolers and compatible to all glycol-based engine coolants.

Stop OIL LEAK    


Stop OIL LEAK    

The proven high-performance additive against loss of oil in leaky engines

  1. restores the elasticity of seals
  2. seals oil leaks reliably
  3. reduces oil consumption
  4. protects the environment, for example, against oil-contaminated parking and garage spaces

The effect
Engine seals age, harden and start to leak. The special agents of Stop OIL LEAK cause a regeneration of the hardened gaskets in engines, transmissions (Warning: not in automatic systems), differentials and hydraulic systems, thus significantly improving the elasticity, tensile strength, elongation at break and seals off any oil leaks.

The application
Stop OIL LEAK  is designed for a single use application (if necessary after every oil change) and suitable for all petrol and diesel engines as well as for all mineral and synthetic oils.