Аpolo llc

About us

Even as a very young company, APOLO as already at the forefront of its business field and is recognized as one  leading american creator of LPG  industry solutions. 

APOLO designs and develops components for the international automotive sector, specializing in the alternative fuel marketplace.  With a reputation for innovation, responsiveness and being ahead of the curve, APOLO provides its partners with a market-focused approach to its products.

Backed by a strong procurement  team and cutting-edge technology, the APOLO team works closely with our designers and our customers to make a competitively priced, high quality product.
We work in close relationship with our customers around the world. 

Alliances with key LPG equipment providers, enables APOLO to take advantage of the latest and emerging  technologies. APOLO works in close partnership with major brands and producers, ensuring that its products match their aspirations and quality of service.
APOLO designs the internal layout, software and functionality, selects the components and works with world-class designers of automotive electronics for the creation of first class products.

We are still focused on innovation and technology, and we show the way to leading-edge software solutions . 
We provide electronic technology and real research and development. Our innovation is Indisputable. 


Our customers bring us their manufacturing challenge and we provide a solution. 

We supply electronic engine management devices, LPG  handling components and associated software to manufacturers of new vehicles, as well as to aftermarket fleet conversion specialists.  

We are known for providing fast, thorough solutions based on comprehensive understanding of our customers’ requirements.

Environmental policy

APOLO is aware of its responsibilities to ensure that its operations are conducted in a manner that minimizes any adverse environmental impact. 

Our Environmental policy is :

To comply with National environmental statutory and regulatory requirements.
To foster a safe and clean working environment, improve production processes and mitigate the environmental impact.
To achieve the continual improvement commitment. APOLO, during the design and production process, heeds its responsibilities to create environmentally-friendly and energy efficient products.

Partners : Turbocentar : Autoservis UK : Union Karic